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Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom stalls provide privacy for restroom patrons and serve as a mount for required hygiene accessories, like toilet tissue holders and toilet seat cover dispensers. When selecting the correct bathroom stalls for your restroom facility be sure to adequately assess the layout and remember to observe the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and any similar state or local accessibility requirements. Bathroom stall configuration is important. The functionality and serviceability of your toilet area is largely determined by your bathroom stalls’ configuration. Bathroom stalls must be made of sturdy materials that can be mounted securely to your restroom wall, floors, ceiling and each other - usually secure mounting requires a combination of these. Also, selection of the bathroom partition materials may determine how easily the bathroom stalls are cleaned, how sanitary they remain and how vandalism proof they are. We have selected a wide range of bathroom stalls for you to consider. Our bathroom stalls are selected based on quality and the reputation of the manufacturer. Our entire bathroom stalls selection is time tested in thousands of facilities worldwide. Only bathroom stalls that meet the highest commercial use durability standards are offered here. Also, we have trained customer service representatives standing by to assist you in selecting the best bathroom stalls configuration for your restrooms. Our selection of bathroom stalls include all available materials ,styles and colors, including corner units and wall to wall units in steel baked enamel, solid plastic, plastic laminate, phenolic and stainless steel. Each bathroom stall unit on this website is shown with its exact dimensions and specifications. We suggest that you call use to speak to a trained customer service representative if you need assistance in selecting the correct bathroom stall configuration. Mounting hardware and instructions are also included with each bathroom stall purchased. Be sure not to forget the restroom accessories you will need with your bathroom stalls. We offer a wide selection of commercial quality toilet tissue dispensers and seat cover dispensers as well as hand dryers, soap dispensers etc. Bathroom stalls are not our only specialty – we offer everything you will need to furnish a quality commercial restroom.
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